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 This a great program for those who want to kick-start their fitness or just pick it up a notch. The recipes and menus were quite tasty. The shopping list made it so you didn’t have to think all that hard at the grocery store.  – Kate W. 

The 40-Day Shape Up is a diet and exercise program that revolves around your body and your fitness level. 

Eat Right for Your Body Type: THE MEAL PLAN

  • No one gains weight in exactly the same way. The same rules apply for weight loss. Eat right for your body type with The 40 Day Shape Up by choosing one of four different weekly meal plans that will have you eating in a way that will turn your metabolism on, burning more fat. Not sure what type you are? See below.

Exercise Based on Your Fitness Level: THE WORKOUTS

  • The 40 Day Shape Up includes 20 core workouts, received every other day, that work for all types of fitness levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced. All workouts are based around bodyweight exercises. Each provides an element of challenge, building your fitness level each and every day. Participants receive an additional “supplemental” workout to do on in between days.

I went to work today after not being there for a couple of weeks and the girls were like “oh my gosh you look like you’ve lost so much weight” and I said I haven’t but I think I’m starting to tone up a little bit with this program I’m doing which is your 40 Day Shape Up.
– Sue E. 

Whether you’d like to lose weight, get healthier or get into better shape, The 40-Day Shape Up can work for you! Read about the results for yourself!

With this program, you’ll receive:

  • 6 weekly meal plans crafted to your body type, including shopping lists and recipes
  • 20 body weight workouts that can be done anywhere and anytime 
  • Supplemental workouts for in between days
  • Support from nationally-recognized personal trainer and nutrition coach, Traci D Mitchell

  • A rounder, softer shape with weight gain everywhere, particularly through the face and knees.
  • The Babyface tends to crave foods high fat dairy and sugar.
  • This body type should eat like a reverse pyramid, starting with a bigger breakfast working to a smaller dinner.

  • Triangular-shaped body, with a tendency to gain body fat through the chest, back & upper arms.
  • Foods the athlete craves include salty snacks and savory meals.
  • Dinner should be the meal of the day for this type, with a smaller breakfast and lunch.

  • This Apple gains weight through the midsection and usually has thinner legs and arms.
  • The Apple craves refined carbs and caffeine.
  • This body type thrives on three squares a day.

  • The Pear shape is typically a smaller upper body and pronounced hips and thighs.
  • Pear shapes usually crave spicy foods, high fat dairy, but also keep eating well into the evening hours.
  • This body type does much better with a small breakfast, moderate lunch and good-size dinner.

Growing up, I always had pain in my legs. When I would do anything from walking to running, it would feel like my calves we on fire and then eventually the lower half of both my legs would go numb. I played high school basketball and loved the weights portion of conditioning but dreaded anything involving running! I couldn’t even finish the timed mile trial back then! My sister, (also doing your program), also had the same sensations so we thought it was “normal”; in our minds, we both have it, must be how everyone feels. Well we found out just recently that we have been living with compartment syndrome in our calves. So as we were working out the pressure was building in the muscles but could not escape and would put pressure on the blood vessels and nerves causing pain and numbness. I had surgery in January 2011 and February 2011 to fix my legs and my life has been changed forever.

After the surgeries, I would work out but because I have never been able to in my past, I was a little lost and a little confused on how to improve. Your program has done that for me. I can now run continuously for 20 +minutes and I have more stamina. With your program I have started losing weight again and have enjoyed working out and it is great to have your guidance!
When is your next round going to start? I am excited to continue!

40 day shape up

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